Liquid packing machine

Packing of liquid in various plastic bags is very critical work as it is necessary to avoid spilling of the liquid. To make this packaging work simple and higher accuracy, various liquid packing machines are available in the market.  These machines we offer are hygienic, efficient and accurate liquid packaging solution. We stands as the foremost liquid packing machine manufacturer that can pack both viscous and non viscous liquid. These are user friendly and safe machine that come in varied volume packing capacities. They come with non return valves to achieve high of accuracy.

liquid packing machine manufacturerKey features:

  • Durable
  • Accurate packing
  • High performance
  • Outstanding output
  • User friendly and safe
  • Automatic hopper level control system

Semi automatic horizontal tube filling

For the filling process in tubes various machines are made to make the process fast and easy. These machines are used to fill liquids of various consistencies in the tubes. Many industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other liquid drinks packing industries. These machines are best suited for paste filling creams, pastes, adhesive filling, ointment filling, etc. A range of semi automatic horizontal tube filling machines are available in the market which are selected as per the product that is to be filled in the tubes. These machines are made in various dimensions and features as per the need of the client. These machines are best suited when the numbers of products to be fill and packed are more.

semi automatic horizontal tube fillingThere are some features that make them special:

  • Compact size
  • Modifiable speed of filing
  • Excellent functionality
  • Power efficient performance
  • Easily portable
  • Simple working

We provide a number of semi automatic horizontal tube filling machines that are modifiable as per the speed and size of packages that are to be filled.

Pepsi Pouch Packing Machine

Pepsi pouch packing machine is specially made to pack pepsi without spilling any of the products. This pepsi is packed in LDPE film. This roll is mounted on the back side of the machine and as the unwinding film passes through the roller. Film is folded in the folding box where the exact shape of the pouch is decided. The length of the machine depends on the roller that pulls the film by an eccentric cam which is adjustable. Then the liquid will be filled in the required quantity through tube. This liquid is filled and controlled by gravity fill electromagnetic valve and a timer is set to control the quantity.

Pepsi packing machineThese pepsi pouch packing machine are fabricated with excellent quality materials and components.


  • Power efficient
  • Smooth working
  • Efficient packing
  • Easy installation
  • Least maintenance

Pouch Packing Machine in India

We are the best manufacturer, supplier, exporter of pouch packing machine in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and over all India. Especially from the cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Chennai etc… It is very easy to operate. Since our establishment, we are leading in manufacturing, supplying & exporting a large range of high/best pouch packing machine in India.

This machine is constructed using dynamic technology. As a detectable result, Pouch-packing-machine in Indiathe handle of the machine can comfortably turned to modify to fill different types of bottles.

In added with it, the filling operation is faster and more balanced. The allowed machine delivers high level of work and correct production to the customers. Part from this, customers can decide to get the machines from us at justifiable costs.

Some features of pouch packing machine:-

  • Fast Filling
  • High level of carefulness
  • Easy to operate

Auger Filling Machine

KHODIYAR INDUSTRIES’S Auger Filling Machines are prime suited for filling dry products, powders & refuses. These kinds of fillers are most optimal for filling dry products at higher speeds. Some illustration products our Auger filling Machinery can fill are: Salt, Sugar, coffee grounds & pepper & popcorn seeds. They are manufactured to handle different but all types of solid plastic, metal & glass containers. Auger Filling Machine , Manufacturer , Supplier , Exporter , Ahmadabad, Gujarat , India

All of our Auger Filling Machine are established on heavy – duty stainless steel frames with all contact parts made of food grade materials. Mainly there are 2 types of Auger Filling Machines: 1. Automatic Auger Fillers & 2. Semi-automatic Auger filling machines.

Auger Filling Machine are well appropriate for the filling of dry products, powders, granules, or seeds. The simple filler design allows for easy cleanup, maintenance & changeover. Each machine is based on a heavy-duty stainless steel frame with all food grade contact parts.

That are assailable in both semi automatic & full automatic congratulations the Auger Fillers are the best choice for any customer that desires accurate, granules, and other similar products. Below are some Features of Auger Filling Machines:

  • User-Friendly
  • Huge Capacity of production
  • Specific filling of material
  • Power- valuable
  • Reliable
  • Adjustable pouch size & filling quantify

Tablet Packet Machine

Tablet Packing MachineDoing the work manually takes a lot of time. Instead of wasting so much time in tablet packing we offer a better way to simplify your work. We are the leading manufacturer of tablet packing machine. The tablets are packed in it at high rate and accuracy saving your time and effort. All types of materials like plastic films, heat sealable laminate as well as non laminate etc. We have a team of highly skilled professionals to handle the manufacturing process. Our machines are excellent in performance and have features like best quality, low maintenance, good speed, smooth working and are power efficient.

Form Fill Sealing Machine

Form fill sealing machine are a type of packing machines that fills as well as seals the product in the same machine. Our machines are used for making different size sachets of plastic rolls and fill the product and finally seal them. We use edge cutting technique to ensure optimum and best performance. It minimizes operator involvement and at risk of spilling the liquid during the process of filling and packing. They are user friendly and no special skills are required to operate the machine. We offer them at comparatively cheaper rates than other companies.

Form Fill Sealing MachineThe special features of the machine are:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Silent operation
  • PLC controls

Pouch Packing Machines

We offer our customers with perfect quality pouch packing machines that are developing using advanced machinery. These resilient machineries are organized to make dissimilar kinds of pouches and cater to the requirements of several manufacturing company. Salient elements of our pouch packing machines contain total PLC control, highly automatic and compact, robust & modular design. The range can also be modified as per the specifications of our respected clients.

Water Pouch Packing Machine

Water Pouch Packing Machine

We present our variety of crop at manufacturing important value. We also present customization harvest consider the clients’ obligation These equipment mechanically form the package from any warmth sealable laminates, fill the creation, by auger stuffing or stick doser and seal the package. All these crop are knowledgeable on a selection of limitation by our qualified to make convinced high dominance ideology and advantage of the advance. With impenetrable responsibility to advantage, we have be intellectual to formulate offered the clients with a incredible mixture of Water Pouch Packing Machinery. The accessible water jacket undergrowth execute a absolute line of business like water sanitization, satisfying it in bottles and pouch and then seal them for selling. Owing features similar to low authority use, high power and best excellence these products are demand crossways the area.

Semi Liquid Filling Machine

 What is Semi Liquid Filling Machine ?


customer require for correct, accuracy liquid filling and the ability to optimize this development are guide drivers when company appear for fluid wrapping solution. The Semi Liquid Filling machine will plug the fluid within the bottle in a secure and correct method so that each bottle can contain a alike amount of fluid contained by it. Once the bottles are in location, they will be detained here awaiting the block is absolute. The bottles will subsequently be unrestricted to move along the rule conveyor to the next wrapping machine. resolute by first accepting the product uniqueness as well as intention promotion system of the produce. The intention bazaar help you establish the containers to utilize, seal business and even the satisfying surroundings. commonly, such equipment have stainless steel finish beside with the machine border structure. We can create these machines obtainable in multi path mode as well as with dissimilar in use speed depending on produce as well as pouch dimension.